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MIXER 12 CANALI CON EFFETTII 12 Input Mixer 4 MIC/Line inputs 4 Stereo Line Inputs RCA Tape inputs/outputs 3-band EQ 1 AUX send per channel Phantom Power Headphone output Control Room Out 24-bit Digital FX Processor / 100 Presets Caratteristiche Model MX.12FX V2 Frequency Response: Mic Input to any Output 20 Hz to 50 kHz(0, -1dB) (Gain @ 0 dB, Rated output level) 20 Hz to 130 kHz(0, -3dB) Distortion (THD&N): Mic Input to MAIN Output(Gain @ 0 dB, Rated output level @ 20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth) 0.003%(A-weighted) MIC EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) Input: Channel INPUT MIC (Rs = 150 Ohm ,Gain @ Max.,20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth) 119dBu (A-weighted) Input Gain Control Range (20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth) Mono Channel MIC: 0 to 48dB, LINE: -33 to +15dB Stereo Channel LINE: -8 to +6dB Attenuation (Crosstalk) (20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth) Line in, 1/4"" TRS Main Out,1 kHz relative to 0 dBu, 22 Hz ~ 22 kHz Filter,Gain @ unity Main Mix knob/fader @ -8 -87dBu(A-weighted) Channel Level knob/fader @ -8 -85dBu(A-weighted) Rated Output Level Main, Aux, Control Room output (all knob/fader @ 0 dBu,1 kHz) 0dBu Maximum Output Level Main, Aux, Control Room output(all knob/fader @ 0 dBu,1 kHz, 22 Hz 22 kHz Filter,THD @ 1%) +20dBu Maximum Voltage Gain (EQ and PAN/BAL knob @ 0 dB, Other all knob or fader @ max, DFX mute,1 kHz, Rs=600 Ohm) Mono Channel MIC INPUTMAIN OUT (1/4"" TRS Unbalanced) 74dBu Mono Channel MIC INPUTPHONES (1/4"" TRS Stereo) 84dBu Mono Channel MIC INPUTAUX SEND (1/4"" TRS Unbalanced) 79dBu Mono Channel MIC INPUT TAPE OUT (RCA) 74dBu Mono Channel LINE INPUT MAIN OUT (1/4"" TRS Unbalanced) 59dBu Stereo Channel LINE INPUT MAIN OUT (1/4"" TRS Unbalanced) 33dBu TAPE INPUT MAIN OUT (1/4"" TRS Unbalanced) 10dBu Main mix Noise (20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth) MAIN OUT (all knob/fader @ 0 dBu,22 Hz 22 kHz Filter,Gain @ unity) Main Mix knob/fader @ -8 -106dBu (A-weighted) Channel Level knob/fader @ -8 Main Mix knob/fader @ 0dB -95dBu (A-weighted) Channel Level knob/fader @ - Main Mix knob/fader @ 0dB -93dBu (A-weighted) Channel Level knob/fader @ 0dB Input HPF Channel 1-4 75Hz, 18 dB/oct Equalization (Mono channels) High +/-15 dB @12 kHz Mid +/-12 dB @2.5 kHz Low +/-15 dB @80 Hz Internal Digital Effect Presets 100 Controls 100-Position PRESET Selector and Mute Switch Display Two 7-segment display and Mute/Peak LED Indicator Type of effects VOCAL,SMALL ROOM, LARGE HALL, ECHO, ECHO+VERB, FLANGE+VERB, PLATE, CHORUS+GTR,ROTARY+GTR, TREMOLO+GTR PEAK Indicator Channel 1-12 +17dBu Digital Effect(AUX send) +11dBu VU Meters +20dBu VU Meters Main Left and Right (4-segment) Clip (+20), +6, 0, -20 (0 LED=0 dBu) Impedance Microphone Input 2.6k Ohms Line Input 10k Ohms CD/Tape Input 22k Ohms Main Outputs 120 Ohms Ctrl Room, Aux Sends 120 Ohms Tape Output 1K Ohms Phones Outputs 25 Ohms Phantom power Mic Pin2/Pin3 And Pin1(XLR-3-31 type balanced1=GND,2=HOT,3=COLD) +48V Power supply Adaptor AC 18V, 1000mA Power Consumption 18W Physical Dimension (L*W*H) 271*259*54.3mm Weight Net:1.9kg

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